Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps)

Stealth Solutions LLC provides clients with expert countermeasures services to protect your security and privacy.

Compromised Security, Confidentiality

Low cost, readily available electronic equipment can seriously compromise your security and your confidentiality. Stealth Solutions LLC provides its clients with expert countermeasures services, also known as debugging. Our skilled personnel can conduct electronic sweeps of your business and residential premises that will detect even the most sophisticated devices. If you suspect your business or your personal confidentiality is in jeopardy or has been compromised, Stealth Solutions LLC is the solution.

Countering Tech Threats with Greater Sophistication

Receiving information about a victim through audio or video surveillance provides an attacker with a wealth of information. And, as today's electronics become more sophisticated, bugging equipment once available only to spies is now easily obtainable on the Internet. In response to this threat, many corporations have started to perform bug sweeps or Electronic Surveillance Counter Measure (ESCM) operations, with the help of outside contractors.

We have the latest equipment and are trained in its use.

There is simply no way that anyone can easily detect there hidden electronic bugs, whether it is hidden cameras, audio recordings, spyware on cell phones or trackers on your vehicle. Please note that a covert video camera only requires a lens opening as small as the period at the end of this sentence. Many of these video cameras are also wireless, which do not require any wires, monitors, or video recorders.

ESCM is a specialized area, and performing a sweep requires expensive equipment. As a result, sweeps can be pricey, although not as pricey as the losses that could occur from what intelligence is gathered. Whether you feel your house, office, cell phone has been compromised or vehicle has a tracking device, contact Stealth Solutions LLC to resolve your issues today. Suspects have been criminally charged after our team has located unwanted hidden surveillance equipment.

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