Our investigators can find lost loves, witnesses, defendants, and assets. 

Skip Tracing and More

Our investigators can locate:

  • Assets
  • Missing Persons
  • Lost Loves
  • Relatives
  • Runaways
  • Witnesses
  • Defendants
  • Heirs

It doesn't matter where your subject is from in the United States—Stealth Solutions investigators will find your subject! Even if you have little or limited information, our investigators can find anyone quickly and efficiently. Obviously, the more detailed information you have on the subject, the better chance we have to locate the subject.

Our experienced skiptracers (location specialists) have tremendous experience locating people. In fact, we can locate people even if they are deceased. It is important that you provide us with any information you may have on the subject.

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Photo by Joshua Mayer is licensed under CC by SA.