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Do you really know who you are hiring? Do you really know who that person is you found on  that dating site? National statistics continue to confirm that most applicants for employment or dating site applicants will have either lied on their application or exaggerated their experience. In fact, many of these fraudulent applicants get hired every day because companies fail to conduct an adequate background check. Fortunately, it’s never too late to start or improve an existing program. Contrary to popular perception, there is no such resource as a national database of criminal records that is available to employers, not even private investigators. The reason is simple, not all arrests and convictions are computer reported in every city or county! However, we know how to insure that you are not hiring a criminal or a person wanted by the law.

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Our investigators have the specialized training, knowledge of state and federal laws, and proven experience to quickly identify potential fraud and truly validate qualifying applicants. We know that the consequences of even one bad hire can be devastating to your company’s future. The financial liability and cost to your businesses from theft, violence, and false credentials can be enormous. There are many other costs that are hard to measure, such as the physical harm to an employee, or negative publicity. Your failure to identify just one sexual predator or a rapist could result in irreparable harm, even death. In fact, utilizing a company as ours demonstrates that you have exercised due diligence which can help to provide your company another level of legal protection in the event of a lawsuit and could save you the heartache on a personal basis.

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