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Wisconsin Cheating Spouse Infidelity Investigations
We Cover the Entire State of Wisconsin

Do you suspect your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you?

Adultery brings fear, denial, and financial ruin. Any form of adultery puts your life on hold and your finances at risk. Whether your partner is starting to wander off or involved in a full-blown affair, you need to know and know immediately so that you can make choices that are right for you.

Divorce and child custody cases can benefit from the use of experienced private investigators. Stealth Solutions has been successful in obtaining documentation regarding adultery, child custody, lifestyle, roommates, friends, paramour and parents, including their criminal history, work history, locating and interviewing witnesses, and obtaining information regarding cheating, adultery, abuse or neglect.

We Can Provide You With The Information, Pictures & Video For Your Divorce Case!

The best way to select and hire an investigator is to find someone referred to you by a lawyer. We are licensed by the State of Wisconsin and have been providing investigative services in divorce and child custody cases since 2009.

We have the experienced private investigator staff, knowledge of the law and surveillance equipment necessary to properly prepare you and your attorney with the necessary and factual evidence to win your case.

In every family law case, whether divorce or child custody/visitation case, there are issues of both law and fact. Our expertise can help make the facts become clearer. Solid, verifiable facts can affect the outcome of your case. Even the best attorney in the world wants facts on their side.

Hiring Stealth Solutions may be the best way to get the facts brought to light.

You can finally stop 'wondering" if your significant other is with someone else by simply picking up the phone and calling us right now to speak with an experienced private investigator. We will keep your inquiry completely confidential and provide you with our recommendations on how best to assist you.

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