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Surveillance By Wisconsin Licensed Investigators
We Cover the Entire State of Wisconsin
     •  Adultery / Divorce Investigations
     •  Domestic Matrimonial Investigations
     •  Child Abuse & Child Custody Investigations
     •  Co-Habitation Investigations
     •  Cheating Spouse / Infidelity Investigations
     •  Insurance Fraud Claims
     •  Workers Compensation / FMLA
     •  Disability Claims
     •  Personal Injury

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You can count on the private investigators at Stealth Solutions to conduct covert surveillance of your subject and provide excellent quality video, photos and reports detailing the activities of your subject. Our seasoned investigators are experienced in all types of surveillance including following subjects who are either in a vehicle, on foot, or using public transportation.


Adultery / Divorce Investigations

Do you suspect your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other of cheating on you? Our surveillance investigators are trained to provide visual evidence to either confirm or refute claims of infidelity.


Child Abuse & Child Custody Investigations

Our investigators will conduct surveillance to observe your spouse and child to identify activity on days where the child is in someone else’s custody.


Co-Habitation Investigations

Our investigators will observe the subject to determine if there is anyone else living in the residence and document with detailed reports, video and photographs to confirm co-habitation that could result in reducing or eliminating spousal payments.


Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance companies from around the country utilize our investigators to conduct covert video surveillance to capture a day in the life video of your subject without their knowledge. Insurance companies, SIU departments, third party administrators, and law firms rely on our video and reports to confirm injuries, identify fraud, or refute exaggerated insurance claims.