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Threat Assessment For Your Business
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Why should your company form a Threat Assessment Group?


There are more and more stories in the news of disgruntled employees taking bosses hostage, or worse, going into the work setting and killing fellow employees. Having a Threat Assessment Group helps protect employees from violence. 


If the unthinkable happens, and violence occurs, the investigation and procedures implemented will assist in litigation purposes and show your company was doing everything possible to protect the employees in civil suit. Plant manager, Human Resource manager, Safety and Security managers along with all Supervisors. It keeps an open communication to all involved and keeps everyone abreast to any actions created to resolve the issue.


What does the Threat Assessment Group do?


The TAG team assesses the threat and subject who issued the threat. The TAG team assesses and strengthens the current security both physical and procedures. The TAG team establishes lockdown and evacuation procedures.  Times have changed and so should methods. Have a power point presentation titled “Threat Assessment: Steps to prevent workplace violence” set up for today.