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Steve Livernash, Wisconsin Licensed Professional Investigator, has 35 years experience as an expert metal detector technician and owner of CSI-MDT. He started off finding vintage coins and jewelry in backyards, schools, beaches and underwater. Steve has investigated numerous lost items and returned them to their rightful owners. By analyzing well over 1,000,000 metallic targets over decades, Steve has amassed knowledge in all aspects of ferrous & non-ferrous metal manufacturing and is a foremost expert in identification of metallic items from each of these industries, modern to ancient times. Based on his history, Steve is able to locate, direct and indirect, evidence at a crime scene and determine items that are unrelated to the time period being investigated. He has also originated detecting search profiles & has developed innovative tools needed to conduct a crime scene efficiently using techniques developed through experience. He is the originator of CSI/MDT.com (Crime Scene Investigation - Metal Detector Technician). He is also an instructor of metal detecting techniques & trainer of proper equipment setups to be used in all searches from land & underwater.

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