Surveillance Camera Installation

Experienced installation of quality equipment to protect your home and business from theft.

Compromised Security, Confidentiality

Surveillance cameras offer business owners and homeowners alike the added security of knowing that their business or home is secure at all times. Cameras for surveillance are a great way to monitor your property without arousing the suspicion of a burglar or vandal. Cameras these days are capable of motion-activated and night vision recording. Get the evidence you need in case of a break-in or property destruction and bring any criminal to justice. A surveillance camera system can be used for elderly surveillance or special needs monitoring, ensuring that your high-risk family members are getting the care that they deserve.

However, many homes owners or businesses don’t discover the need for surveillance until after there has been a violation of sorts. Surveillance cameras are connected to your business’ wireless internet service via the router and provide live video coverage that you or anyone you authorize can view remotely using a web browser. Our systems include a 10 year manufacturers warranty and 24/7 technical support and we have a working knowledge of what we install.

Surveillance recording options are available to suit every security need, including continuous recording, motion-detection recording and time-sensitive recording. Please note that if you plan to operate your surveillance overnight, you will need to ensure that your surveillance camera, whether wired or wireless, is equipped with night-mode recording. There are camera models equipped with infrared technology, but sometimes have indicator lights that can expose your hidden surveillance cameras. With over 400 camera installations throughout the State of Wisconsin, we are your only resource for your camera needs.

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